Aira Technology

About us

Aira Technology stands as a premier technology and engineering enterprise, stemming from our founder's rich background in the Motorsport, Automotive, and Aerospace sectors.

Situated in the epicentre of motorsport valley in Bicester, Oxfordshire, UK, we proficiently execute projects for an international clientele. We take immense pride in addressing the most intricate engineering challenges for a diverse array of industries, marrying state-of-the-art technology with top-tier engineering talent, all while prioritising precision and swift market delivery.

Our distinct expertise in high-performance lightweight structures and manufacturing methods has been sharpened over the years within the intensely competitive and exacting sectors we've been immersed in.

Our team

Co-Founder and Director of Research and Development, Alex Adamou, boasts 15 years of engineering expertise and has played pivotal roles in recent F1® championship triumphs. Specializing in composites and polymer-based additive manufacturing, he has accumulated extensive knowledge from his tenures at Airbus, McLaren Cars, Lotus F1, Redbull Advanced Technologies, and Mercedes F1. At Aira Technology, Alex directs all research and development initiatives, ensuring that in-house innovations are transitioned to practical engineering applications. Notably, he recently introduced a revolutionary rapid prototyping method for internal mandrels utilized in composite manufacturing
Co-Founder and Director of Engineering, John Corrigan, has a decade-long background as a design and manufacturing engineer in the Automotive and Motorsport sectors. His experience includes contributions to successful F1® teams and collaboration with top-tier companies like Lola Cars, Bloodhound, Renault F1, Redbull F1, and Gordon Murray Design. At Aira Technology, John oversees the Engineering programs and ensures the delivery and upkeep of engineering services for clients including Alpine F1 and Arrival Automotive.
Propulsion Head, Dr. Adamos Adamou, has expertise in additive material science and technology. After recently obtaining his PhD, he joined Aira, bringing in-depth laboratory knowledge. In collaboration with Alex, he translates our theoretical concepts into practical research. His tasks include creating test protocols, designing testing equipment, and managing lab evaluations to verify our research.​
Research and Analysis Expert, Doctor Lazaros Aresti, has a wealth of knowledge in navigating research programs and linking industry projects to educational institutions.​ ​ A key member of the team, Lazaros is responsible for all analysis and simulation activities. ​ His knowledge covers computational fluid dynamics, thermal simulations, and structural simulations of various materials​.