Aira Technology

About us

Aira Technology is a world-leading technology and engineering business, born out of our founder's experience in the Motorsport, Automotive, and Aerospace industries.

Based on the heart of motorsport valley, Bicester Oxfordshire, UK we successfully deliver projects for a global customer base. We pride ourselves in solving the most difficult applied engineering challenges for clients across a wide range of sectors, combining cutting edge technology and the industry’s best engineers with precision and speed to market.

Our unique knowledge of high-performance lightweight structures and manufacturing techniques has been honed in the highly competitive and demanding industries we have experienced over the years.

Our team

Co-Founder and Director of Research and Development, Alex Adamou, has spent the last 15 years crafting his engineering skills and has been part of recent F1® championship-winning teams. He is a specialist in composites and polymer-based additive manufacturing, with a wealth of experience in both fields, derived from his time in Airbus, McLaren Cars, Lotus F1, Redbull Advanced Technologies, Mercedes F1.​ ​ At Aira Technology, Alex co-ordinates all research and development programs and is responsible for progressing technology developed in-house, to application in real-world engineering applications.​ ​ Most recently he delivered a ground-breaking rapid prototyping technology for internal mandrels used in composites manufacturing.​
Co-Founder and Director of Engineering, John Corrigan, hails from the Automotive and Motorsport industries as a design and manufacturing engineer for 10+ years. Along his journey, he has worked in race-winning F1® teams, and developed new technologies with industry-leading companies such as Lola Cars, Bloodhound, Renault F1, Redbull F1, Gordon Murray Design . ​ At Aira Technology, John co-ordinates all Engineering programs and is responsible for delivering and maintaining all aspects of our engineering services to clients such as Alpine F1,and Arrival Automotive.
Additive Materials and Simulation Expert, Doctor Adamos Adamou, specialises in additive material science and technology. A recent PhD graduate, he has joined Aira to share his experience, drawing from his many hours in laboratory environments.​ ​ He works closely with Alex and is responsible for turning our concepts from paper, into quantifiable research.​ ​ This involves writing test programs, designing test equipment, and coordinating laboratory testing to quantify our research.​ ​ ​
Research and Analysis Expert, Doctor Lazaros Aresti, has a wealth of knowledge in navigating research programs and linking industry projects to educational institutions.​ ​ A key member of the team, Lazaros is responsible for all analysis and simulation activities. ​ His knowledge covers computational fluid dynamics, thermal simulations, and structural simulations of various materials​.